Streamline your law firm’s case management with comprehensive software

Law Office 2 Go is an all-in-one case management solution for your legal firm. Whether your law firm is small or big, implementing a case management system can automate workflows, and free up valuable employee time to focus on what matters–and not get bogged down by endless paperwork. The average law firm has hundreds of cases, and within each case, complex sub-sections such as reports, documents, and interviews. A case management solution can completely revolutionize the way that your law firm works. 

Law Office 2 Go is different from other case management systems. Its user-friendly interface is intuitive, so there’s no need for long training sessions for employees to learn how to use the system. Employees can simply open and immediately start using Law Office 2Go. In addition, Law Office 2 Go includes integrated features so your employees aren’t stuck using multiple applications or calendars to manage case loads. Most importantly, employees have quick and easy access to case information, without having to search through multiple physical files or multiple applications. 

Many other case management systems are simply not comprehensive enough, or too difficult for employees to learn and use on a daily basis. Law Office 2 Go can streamline your legal firm’s activities to put the focus back on your clients, and not paperwork. Law Office 2 Go helps legal firms understand which cases are most urgent, and provides a quick status check of each case in a list-form. 

Law Office 2 Go features include:

  • Integrated Calendar: Never wonder again about when cases or documents are due. Simply check the integrated calendar to see your deadlines.
  • Client Management: Add notes to understand and remember client needs.
  • Task Management: Start working through your to-do lists through a task management system where you can set priority tasks
  • Case Management System: View all of your cases at once to understand case priorities and see all of your cases in one place.
  • QuickBooks Export: Track finances with a simple click to export to QuickBooks.
  • Time Tracking: Keep track of hours spent with clients through the built-in time tracking system. 
  • Reports: Generate client and case reports easily to prepare for meetings. 
  • Document Storage/OCR: Keep your documents in one place through document storage.

Streamline your legal firm’s case management today and watch productivity levels skyrocket. Try it here.